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Top 10 Luxury Car Rental NYC with Drivers

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Getting around New York City without a car can be challenging, especially for everyday tasks or when you're on vacation. The good news is that there's an easy solution to luxury car rentals. While there are numerous car rental options in NYC, we'll focus on the top 10 that provide exceptional services and feature luxury cars with drivers.

Top 10 luxury car rental NYC with drivers
Top 10 Luxury Car Rental NYC with Drivers

In this article, we'll highlight premium car rental companies that go beyond the norm, making them perfect for business travelers or individuals with busy schedules who prioritize convenience over owning and maintaining a car. When you choose one of these top-notch services, you get the ease of mobility in the city and the added luxury of driving a high-end vehicle during your stay, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience, especially for luxury car rental NYC with drivers.

Car Rental Market Analysis Report 2023-2027 

The Global Car Rental Market is expected to experience significant growth, with an estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 20.16% from 2022 to 2027. During this period, the market size is projected to expand by USD 129.71 billion. Several factors contribute to this growth, such as the rising price of vehicle ownership, the increasing integration of advanced digital technologies in car rental services, and a growing interest in self-driving vehicles.

Car Rental Market Analysis Report 2023-2027

Top 10 Luxury Car Rental Companies with Drivers in NYC

When it comes to exploring the vibrant streets of New York City in style, opting for a luxury car rental is the epitome of sophistication and comfort. Here are the top 10 luxury car rentals in NYC with drivers that cater to the discerning tastes of those seeking an exceptional driving experience.

1. Square Limo Luxury Car Rental NYC

Square Limo luxury car rental NYC with drivers

Square Limo is the paramount choice for premier transportation services, boasting a legacy of over two decades. As your trusted partner, They take pride in addressing all your transportation needs with an unwavering commitment to excellence and an emphasis on delivering unparalleled luxury car rental service with drivers.

Within the realm of Square Limo Service, its esteemed reputation attests to its comprehensive and customer-centered approach. For corporate events or special occasions, they curate unmatched transportation experiences that blend luxury, reliability, and professionalism with drivers.

Depend on Square Limo to boost your travel experience with drivers, offering transportation and a journey marked by sophistication and top-notch limousine service. Experience the epitome of luxury car rental NYC with drivers, where our rich history and dedication converge to redefine your expectations.

RealCar luxury car rental

RealCar is a contemporary car rental service designed to minimize the expenses and hassles associated with car ownership. With RealCar, you can experience the pleasure of driving a luxury vehicle whenever needed, all without the challenges of high parking costs and maintenance responsibilities. Acknowledging that many people only require a car occasionally, be it for a weekend escape, a night out, or a business journey, RealCar offers the flexibility to pay for precise car usage. 

Essentially, RealCar broadens the advantages of luxury car ownership to a broader audience in New York, providing a convenient and stylish solution for those seeking a luxury car rental NYC with a driver.


SIXT luxury car rental

Elevate your New York experience with a luxury car rental in Manhattan through SIXT, complete with a professional driver. Begin your vacation in the heart of trendy New York City, choosing from here extensive fleet featuring luxury cars from top-notch brands like Mercedes and Audi. Cruise through the streets in style, enjoying the latest features of your chic vehicle.

Discover the diverse districts of New York, each offering a unique perspective on the capital. Marvel at cutting-edge contemporary art in Chelsea, bask in the bright lights of Broadway in the Upper West Side or dive into the vibrant nightlife of the East Village. With a luxury car rental in NYC accompanied by a professional driver, your New York adventure becomes an unparalleled blend of style and convenience.

Instant Luxury Rentals

At Instant Luxury Rentals, we go beyond merely providing cars; we deliver an unmatched luxury experience. From your first contact with us to when you hand back the keys, their dedication to excellence shines through. Immerse yourself in world-class customer service, where every detail is carefully considered to ensure complete satisfaction.

Why wait? Dive into the ultimate luxury experience, and let us be your gateway to the extraordinary. Contact Instant Luxury Rentals today, and allow us to assist you in selecting the perfect exotic vehicle for your upcoming event or special occasion. Unleash your driving passion, and let them turn your dreams into reality with exceptional luxury car rental NYC with drivers.

Gotham Dream Cars

Introducing DreamShare, Gotham Dream Cars' innovative Membership Club Program, offering a hassle-free way for frequent drivers to enjoy our entire fleet at discounted rates. DreamShare members can conveniently purchase rental time at significant discounts, allowing them to experience their luxury vehicles in any city anytime. The more credit you acquire at once, the more significant the discount we provide.

This program provides the ultimate way to enjoy the perks of owning a multimillion-dollar collection of exotic cars without the hefty capital requirements. Say goodbye to the challenges of ownership, including maintenance, downtime, insurance, storage, and transport. As a DreamShare member, you focus solely on savoring the driving experience while we care for everything else. Elevate your driving adventures with DreamShare, your premier choice for luxury car rental in NYC.

Veluxity Exotic Car Rental

Veluxity Exotic Car Rental began as a family-owned exotic car rental agency in Miami Beach, Florida, and New York, NY. As the Veluxity brand expanded, it naturally evolved into a car-sharing platform, supporting the success of others in the industry. Learn more about becoming a host with Veluxity here. Their unique business model provides consumers access to competitively priced rental cars while upholding our standards for professionalism.

Renting an exotic or luxury car can be complex, so here representatives work closely with customers to guide them to a vehicle that best suits their needs. With over a decade of expertise, Velocity has earned a reputation as a reliable agency that attracts car enthusiasts, business travelers, and adventurers year after year. Whether seeking the ultimate driving experience or high-end luxury transportation for everyday travel, our platform offers unparalleled vehicles to meet their needs. Elevate your experience with Veluxity, your go-to for luxury car rental NYC.

BluStreet Exotics

Discover the thrill of exotic car rental in NYC, Long Island, Manhattan, Queens, and New Jersey with their specialized services. Elevate your next special event with the experience of driving an exotic car. Feel the power and prestige that emanate in your mind as you cruise in one of these exotic vehicles. We're here to super-serve you, ensuring you leave a lasting impression, whether having a good time, impressing a date, creating precious family moments, or making a statement in your career. Whether entertaining investors or embarking on a new career direction, stay on the road to success. Rent exotic cars with us for an unparalleled luxury car rental NYC.

Exotic Rentals & Retreats

Exotic Rentals & Retreats stands out as an international travel company committed to delivering an unmatched level of service to its clients. Rooted in the founders' extensive experience in both Luxury Car and International Travel industries, they observed a prevailing lack of pride in customer service in their previous roles. Instead, the focus was often solely on maximizing profits rather than prioritizing customer satisfaction.

At Exotic Rentals & Retreats, our mission is to reintroduce the human touch and offer the most exhilarating experience for their customers. By doing so, we aim to build loyalty, transforming one-time customers into repeat clients and, eventually, valued company members. If you're seeking an extraordinary travel experience, including luxury car rental NYC with drivers, look no further than Exotic Rentals & Retreats.

Starr Luxury Cars

Embracing a wide range of interests and renowned worldwide, renting a luxury car in New York from Starr Luxury Cars offers a unique and unforgettable experience. The city, known for its diverse visitors, top-notch dining, and spectacular entertainment, consistently attracts people to The Big Apple.

At Starr Luxury Cars, we are committed to ensuring your next trip is memorable. With their premium luxury car rentals and the assistance of our skilled team, you'll have the opportunity to drive an exquisite vehicle with the entire city at your fingertips. Whether for business or leisure, Starr Luxury Cars is your key to an exceptional experience, including luxury car rental.

RNS Exotic Car rental in Miami

Welcome to RNS, your premier exotic car rental company located in both the bustling city of NYC and sunny Miami, Florida. We're on a fast track to growth, offering exceptional service and the latest high-end vehicles to their exclusive clientele. 

At RNS, our fleet of machines is designed to deliver not just transportation but an experience filled with exhilaration, comfort, joy, and memories that will stand the test of time. From when you make your reservation to when you return the vehicle, we invite you all to revel in this seamless and unforgettable journey.

Whether you're in the heart of NYC or enjoying the sun-soaked vibes of Miami, their commitment is to provide you with a premium experience in luxury car rental, ensuring that every moment behind the wheel becomes a highlight of your lifetime.


Embarking on a journey of luxury and elegance becomes effortlessly spectacular with the top 10 luxury car rental services in NYC, featuring expert drivers. Perfect for business and leisure, these services redefine a premium experience, offering an unmatched journey through the dynamic cityscape in absolute comfort and sophistication. Secure your high-end transport today and let the epitome of luxury seamlessly blend with the bustling streets of New York. Experience the pinnacle of luxury car rental in NYC as you navigate the city in style and comfort with exceptional services.

Luxury Car Rental in NYC FAQs

What are the top luxury car rental agencies in NYC?

Explore the leading luxury car rental agencies in New York City, including their offerings, reputation, and customer reviews.

What types of luxury cars are available for rent in NYC?

Discover the range of luxury vehicles offered for rental in NYC, from high-end sedans and SUVs to exotic sports cars, and find the one that suits your preferences.

What is the average cost of renting a luxury car in NYC?

Get insights into the pricing of luxury car rentals in NYC, including factors that may influence costs, such as the type of vehicle, duration of rental, and additional services.

What are the requirements for renting a luxury car in New York?

Learn about the documentation, age restrictions, and other requirements for renting a luxury car in NYC, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free rental experience.

Are chauffeur services available for luxury car rental in NYC?

Explore options for chauffeur services with luxury car rental NYC, understanding the convenience and additional amenities they may provide for your special occasions or events.

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