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Best Premium Car Rental Experience In NYC 2024

Updated: Feb 11

best premium car rental experience

Determining the best premium car rental experience in NYC depends on your needs and priorities. However, here are some of the most highly-rated premium rental car companies in NYC and what they offer. Premium rental car services in NYC typically provide an exclusive fleet of luxury vehicles. Expect a range of high-end cars, from luxury sedans to sports cars and SUVs, supplied by well-known brands.

Market Outlook of  Premium Car Rental

 Market Outlook of Premium Car Rental

In 2018, the car rental market yielded a revenue of $78.7 billion, and it is expected to expand, reaching an approximate $122.6 billion by 2024. This forecast implies a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.9% from 2019 to 2024.

Squarelimo Premium Car Rental

Greetings to Square Limo, your dependable ally for premium car rental transportation services. Boasting over two decades of expertise, they are your preferred option for all your transportation requirements. At Square Limo, They are proud of their steadfast commitment to excellence and relentless dedication to delivering premium services. Their All Square Limo Service mirrors their thorough and customer-focused philosophy. Their team of experienced professional drivers is at the core of Their service, ensuring a reliable and comfortable journey. Punctuality and safety are paramount to them, recognizing the value of your time and prioritizing your well-being. Choose Square Limo for a trustworthy and top-notch transportation experience.

Luxury Limousine Transportation

Indulge in luxury with Square Limo's Limousine Transportation. Their premium service seamlessly integrates luxury, comfort, and sophistication, guaranteeing that every ride is unforgettable. 

Airport Pick-up and Collection 

Select Square Limo for your Airport Pick-up and Drop-off. Enjoy smooth and dependable transportation as they focus on your comfort, ensuring your journey to and from the airport is stress-free and punctual.

Prom Service

Choose Square Limo for your Prom Transportation, where the celebration starts in style and elegance. Their dedicated service ensures a safe and glamorous journey, creating the perfect setting for an unforgettable prom night.

NYC Road Show Service

Embark on a distinguished journey with Square Limo's NYC Road Show Service. Their top-tier offering seamlessly fuses luxury, comfort, and sophistication, ensuring each ride becomes an unforgettable experience.

Party Service

Choose Square Limo's Party Service, where each occasion becomes an unforgettable celebration. Their committed service guarantees seamless entertainment and a lively atmosphere, transforming your party into a memorable experience.

Wedding Service 

Enhance your wedding day with Square Limo's exceptional Wedding Service. Encounter luxury, comfort, and unmatched style as they ensure that every moment is as enchanting and memorable as your special day deserves.

Reasons to Choose Square Limo:

  • More than two decades of experience

  • Comprehensive solutions with our All Square Limo Service

  • A dedicated reservation team for personalized service

  • Experienced professional drivers prioritizing your safety

  • Punctuality and reliability are embedded at the core of our service

What is Premium Car Rental

What Is a Premium Car Rental?

Premium rental car rentals cater to individuals who desire a superior driving experience without the elevated costs of luxury car rentals or ownership. Drivers opting for premium cars may enjoy the benefits of driving a well-appointed vehicle for a specific period, whether for business trips, special occasions, or to experience the enhanced features of premium cars.

What is considered a premium car?

A premium car is generally regarded as a vehicle that exceeds the features and qualities of standard or economy cars, but it falls short of the luxury car category. Premium Buss and cars often come from reputable high-end brands and offer advanced features, improved performance, modern technology, comfortable interiors, and increased cargo space.

Examples of premium cars may include models like the Audi A5 Sportback, Jeep Wagoneer L, Audi A3 Sedan, and Ram 1500. These vehicles are considered premium because they showcase higher quality and sophistication than standard or economy cars without reaching the opulence and exclusivity of luxury cars like Ferraris or Lamborghini.

Who does a premium car rental suit?

A premium rental car may not be the ideal choice for everyone, as this service may not align with every individual's transportation requirements. Generally, premium car rental protection caters to drivers seeking a temporary experience with a sophisticated vehicle boasting high-quality features and impressive exterior styling. It is a suitable option for those who prefer a refined driving experience without the elevated costs of renting or owning a luxury vehicle.

However, this option is not recommended for individuals seeking short-term vehicle access through a subscription service that offers superior benefits.

best Premium Car Rental

How do you rent a premium car?

  • Research and Choose a Rental Company: Research rental companies offering premium car options. Many central and luxury car rental agencies provide premium vehicle choices.

  • Verify Eligibility Criteria: Examine the eligibility requirements set by the rental company. Confirm that you satisfy the age, driver's license, and credit card criteria for renting a premium car.

  • Make a Reservation: Once you've chosen a rental company and a specific premium car model, make a reservation. This can often be done online, over the phone, or in person at the rental agency.

  • Verify Insurance Coverage: Check your existing auto insurance policy and credit card coverage to understand what insurance protection is already in place for rental. 

  • Collect the Car: On the designated rental day, go to the rental facility to retrieve your premium car. The rental agency will furnish you with essential documents, including the rental agreement and details about the vehicle.

  • Inspect the Car: Inspect the premium car for any pre-existing damages before driving away.

  • Return the Car: Return the premium car to the rental location on the agreed-upon return date and time. Ensure the fuel level matches the agreed-upon terms, and return the vehicle to the same condition it was rented.

  • Settle Payments: Pay any remaining rental fees, including additional charges for mileage, fuel, or damages, if applicable. Keep a copy of the final rental agreement for your records.

Where can you rent a premium car?

  • Major Car Rental Companies: Many well-known car rental companies, such as Hertz, Avis, Enterprise, and Budget, offer premium car options. These companies often have a fleet of upscale vehicles for customers looking for a more luxurious driving experience.

  • Specialty or Luxury Car Rental Agencies: Some agencies specialize in luxury and high-end car rentals. These agencies may provide a broader selection of premium and luxury vehicles.

  • Online Rental Platforms: This peer-to-peer rental service often includes a variety of premium and luxury cars that may not be available through traditional rental companies.

  • Hotel Concierge Services: Some upscale hotels offer premium car rental services as part of their concierge services. This allows guests to rent a premium car for special occasions or extended stays.

  • Airport Rental Desks: If you're looking to rent a premium car upon arrival at your destination, check with the rental companies located at the airport.

  • Membership Programs: Some loyalty programs or membership clubs offer exclusive access to premium and luxury car rentals. These programs may provide additional benefits such as discounted rates or special

What is the difference between luxury and premium car rental?

top 10 Premium Car Rental

The terms "luxury" and "premium" are commonly employed in car rentals to delineate various tiers of vehicles. Despite both categories denoting higher-end options, notable distinctions exist between luxury and premium rental cars. Here's an overview of their differences.

  • Luxury Car Rental: Luxury car rental commonly involves leasing vehicles deemed high-end, prestigious, and linked with luxury brands. Providers of luxury car rentals present a diverse selection of upscale vehicles, including those from renowned brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce.

  • Premium Car Rental: Conversely, car rental protection typically entails leasing vehicles that surpass standard or economy options without necessarily falling into the luxury category. Premium cars provide superior quality, advanced features, and enhanced performance compared to basic models. Frequently sourced from reputable brands, these vehicles deliver elevated comfort, style, and technology levels.

What’s the Difference Between Luxury and Premium Cars?

 What’s the Difference bLuxury and Premium Cars,

The automotive landscape has evolved beyond the traditional dichotomy of luxury and affordable cars. In recent years, a new category, "premium," has emerged, adding complexity to the industry. While premium and luxury cars share similarities, each possesses distinct characteristics. Driver's Auto Mart now offers vehicles from both the premium and luxury categories, reflecting the evolving diversity in the automotive market.


The primary commonalities between premium and luxury vehicles lie in their technological advancements and safety features. Both categories typically come equipped with the latest and most advanced technology and safety features that go beyond the standard offerings in many cars. These technological attributes encompass larger touchscreen displays, preventive safety technologies, and an array of cameras to enhance the overall driving experience and safety standards.


So, you might be curious about the differences between premium and luxury cars, given their similarities. The main distinction is that all luxury brand cars, like Mercedes or BMW, automatically include luxury features as standard. In contrast, premium cars are typically the highest trim level of a specific model. For instance, the Chrysler 300 Limited is the base trim, while the Chrysler 300C Platinum represents the premium car trim. This distinguishes between a $50,000 vehicle and one that costs $80,000 or more.

Premium and Luxury Vehicles at Driver's Auto Mart

Driver's Auto Mart offers a distinguished selection of premium and luxury vehicles to cater to diverse preferences and needs. Our premium vehicles encompass models beyond standard features, providing enhanced performance, advanced technology, and a more refined driving experience. These vehicles balance quality and affordability, offering a step from conventional options.

On the other hand, our luxury vehicles epitomize opulence, exclusivity, and top-tier craftsmanship. These models belong to prestigious brands with the latest technological advancements, safety features, and luxurious amenities. Driving a luxury vehicle from Driver's Auto Mart signifies a commitment to sophistication and an unparalleled driving experience.

In conclusion, a premium car rental offers heightened comfort, features, and performance beyond standard options. Whether it's for a special occasion, a business trip, or to experience an elevated driving experience, premium cars provide a balance between luxury and affordability. When considering a premium vehicle, carefully assess your preferences, budget, and the specific features the rental companies offer to ensure a satisfying and memorable driving experience.


1. What types of premium cars are available for rental?

Explore our range of premium vehicles, encompassing luxury sedans, high-performance sports cars, SUVs, and executive models. Choose from renowned brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and others in our selection.

2. What are the requirements for renting a premium car?

To rent a premium car, you must meet the following criteria:

Be at least 25 years old.

Hold a valid driver's license.

Provide a valid credit card for payment and security deposit.

Carry adequate insurance coverage, which can be verified during rental.

3. What is included in the rental cost of a premium car?

The rental cost typically covers the daily rate of the vehicle, insurance, and essential roadside assistance. Additional services such as GPS navigation, child seats, and fuel options may be available at an extra cost. 

4. Is there a mileage limit for premium car rentals?

Our premium car rentals usually come with unlimited mileage, allowing you to explore and enjoy your journey without worrying about extra charges based on distance traveled. 

5. What happens in case of an accident or breakdown?

In the unfortunate event of an accident or breakdown, their car rental service includes 24/7 roadside assistance. You'll be provided with a contact number for immediate support. Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities.


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